Sustainability remains at the heart of the business. The commitment is firmly endorsed by Metalcorp Group's Management Board and rooted in our commercial logic.





We are committed to minimising impact from our business operations on the environment. We maintain environmental management processes and systems appropriate to the activities we undertake. All of our operational plants have implemented energy management systems and practise waste minimisation.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is of utmost importance to Metalcorp Group. We take a proactive, robust and targeted approach. Metalcorp Group comply with national and international health and safety laws and specific requirements. We focus on risk management and share good practice across the organisation.


We foster sustainable growth wherever we operate and it is our responsibility to minimise any adverse impacts on local communities and their way of life. Amongst other projects, we have been working in partnership with the government in Guinea on a number of social initiatives including the creation of a medical centre and a school in Garafiri.